5G compliance testing

Our 5G compliance testing service assists you in verifying that your products and solutions adhere to the standards and regulations set by governments and the industry, including 3GPP. This comprehensive service includes testing for compliance with 5G protocols and specifications and relevant safety and security regulations.


With the widespread adoption of 5G technology, your products and devices must meet the necessary and applicable standards and regulations. Compliance testing plays a vital role in ensuring your products' safety, security, and optimal performance on 5G networks.

What we offer:

Vaan Megam Networks offers collaborative, vendor-neutral, comprehensive testing solutions for 5G wireless devices. We test devices against global standards, including interoperability, and quality of service.

We offer a comprehensive range of 5G compliance testing services, including:

● Protocol compliance testing

● Safety and security compliance testing

Interoperability compliance testing

Our in-house experts in the latest 5G technology have extensive experience in 5G compliance testing. We are well-versed with industry standards and equipment to ensure that your products and solutions meet the highest standards for 5G compliance.


We have experience working with wireless products/solutions across industries, including:

● Automotive

● Industrial

● Electronics

● Telecom…