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About Us

We are a leading provider of 5G-based services including lab-as-a-service and test-as-a-service for enterprises, telcos, and system integrators. Our services accelerate your solution deployment and ensure new products and services meet real world customer requirements.

Through our innovative, custom services we enable our customers to launch 5G-based products and solutions without the overhead of creating your own infrastructure with high levels of quality and security.


Why Vaan Megam

At Vaan Megam networks, we don’t just offer 5G private networks.

We help you with your strategy and bring along a wider ecosystem of partnerships across networking, cloud, and security to foster innovation and help you build end-to-end solutions.

Having worked with a wide-spectrum of stakeholders right from policy-drivers, to solution providers, we have co-created solutions with our customers to ensure the deployment is the right fit, from the start to the end.

5G lab-as-a-service

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure enables full-spectrum, Edge-to-cloud testing and certification capabilities for your 5G devices, Solutions, providing a comprehensive view of the end-user experience.

If you are a Device manufacturer, Telecom service provider, or a chip maker, our 5G lab offers you the ability to execute a comprehensive test of protocol, functional, non-functional, and security tests, in a real 5G environment.

As 5G network gets rolled out, solution providers need to beat the competition and get to market faster. One critical aspect to your GTM is the verification and validation of your solution for various parameters including throughput, latency, scale. You need the infrastructure to validate functional, security, and integrations are working as expected.



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5G Test-as-a-Service

Rolling out your 5G solution to your customers is not just about ensuring it has all the features and functionalities, but critically about how well it works in the real world. Increasing customer expectations and stiff competition, means you need to test your solution end-to-end.

Vaan Megam Network's 5G test solution helps you by doing just that. We have an in-house 5G lab for testing protocol, performance, and latency. Our test service includes detailed reporting, scheduling of tests, Test monitoring. You can also avail other value-added services including Logging, Resume on crash, Rerun on failure. Get peace of mind with our real-world like test bed.


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